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Diaper wipes in a Septic Tank

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

I know I am beating a dead horse on this topic, but I seem to be getting this problem almost daily now.  It’s as if I have taken out an add somewhere and stated, “If you use diaper wipes, Call me.”  But today’s job was completely out of hand.  I spent 4 hours pumping on a tank, and burned out another clutch on my tool.  I spent last week at a lift station in vancouver, where a lift pump went out.  This was city sewer but; nonetheless, the call out the big dogs.  aka my septic truck.  Diaper wipes completely froze up the blades and burned up the pump.

Actually, on the other hand.  I guess I should rethink this.  Maybe I should add the diaper wipe companies to my christmas card list, as they are sending me so much work.

In all actuality, it’s expensive for the homeowner.  It will cost you a lot of money, no matter what the packaging says.  It states, “flushable.”  That is true, the diaper wipes will make it to your tank just fine.  They also state, “biodegradable.”  This is also true.  It will break down in 99 years or less.  But that’s the major problem.  8 years in and system blows up into your bathtub, or worse.

If you have been using them, get them out.  Before they make it to your pumps or drainfield.  It will be very expensive to repair.

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Septic tank size

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Coming soon will be a new page about how to check the size of a septic tank. I get this question a lot and its time I address it. Usually the question is “how do I know how many gallons my septic tank has in it. Or holds?”  Coming soon

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Holiday Blues:

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Good Day everyone.

Now I am sure you are thinking, how can he title his blog title Holiday Blues? Is he having a bad holiday?

Answer to both questions are no. I had a great holiday, and I truly hope yours was just as well.

The answer to the questions is quite simply. Holiday Decorations.

Usually when I get a call about a septic alarm going off. I tell the homeowner to check circuit breakers first. And then check for tripped GFI’s. Reason. I hate charging a service call for turning a breaker back on. I feel guilty for doing so. But service calls are what they are.
But now that doesn’t enter into the holiday blues theme. But two calls this year were from homeowners unplugging their pumps to plug in their holiday lights.

It’s kinda of comedic, and pretty darn funny. But I still feel bad for having to charge homeowners for plugging their pumps back in.
Both times the owner was happy to pay and was happy that there wasn’t any real damage done.
But here is a reminder. Sand filters and Sand media components are Aerobic Treatment Units. Which means that they need oxygen to survive. They are in-fact air breathing organisms. So if someone is to unplug their pumps they risk flooding out that component. And if that component goes under water, it only has three days to live. In some cases the component dies. Or fails to recover. So please heed your septic alarms warning and call someone straight away.

I hope everyone had a great holiday. And may 2011 be great for everyone.

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