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Tukes Valley Primary School 2 hours late

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Tukes Valley Primary is running 2 hours late.  (My two boys’s school).  That will make us run late as well.  But it shouldn’t be too bad.  Now just letting the kids sleep in a bit, and then it’s off to school and I to work.  Road up here in yacolt have snow on them.  The hill down from the house is kinda bad though.  Going down isn’t the problem.  It will be going down in control.  🙂

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Winter Weather is Back:

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011


They are calling for snow again.  Wednesday through Friday.  Dang.  It’s the only thing that can stop First Call Septic in it’s tracks.  We cannot afford the risk of wrecking the semi-truck.  Please be understanding this week if we get any accumulation on the ground.  It will slow us down, if not, make us reschedule.

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Best Customer’s Hands Down:

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

We, here at First Call, have the best customer’s.  Hands Down.  No Contest.  Today, in the snow and hail, was called out to Livingston Mountain.  Where a customer had a blown pump.  And if you saw it, it was coming down in buckets.  And hard.  The hail actually hurt hitting my face.  But this problem needed repair.  ASAP.  Sewage was backing up inside their home.

My jacket soaked, and clothes soaked.  Down to the bone.  My customer comes out with a hot beverage. I think she called it a Spark or Sparkle.  Kinda tasted like orange pop.  But it was good.  I can’t tell you how that really hit the spot.

How nice of her.  She stopped my progress for my benefit.  The sewage was only backing up worse in her home. It was just enough to get me going.

Just another example of how we at First Call have the best customers hands down.

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