Whitewater Decommission:

Whitewater Aerobic Treatment Unit

Decommission of Aerboic Treatment Unit

This was a house that went on a short sale.  Buyer hired me to inspect the septic system before purchasing.  And thank Goodness too.  Because this was a very expensive septic system called a whitewater.  It’s actually not septic at all, but an aerobic system.  See we never let it go septic, we are always pumping air into it, to keep oxygen in the mix.

I wish I would have gotten a picture before the decommission.  Or Demolition.  But I didn’t.  Oh, well.  But here’s how the events turned out.

I was called out for this inspection.  A guy was wanting to buy this “bank owned” house.  It’s really going for a great deal.  I get there and test some alarms and start the process of the inspection.

Then I realize the septic tank has an indentation down the side, and it’s cracked.  Mud and water are entering it.  I have a quick look around and see someone had been logging the property.  I can see track marks close by the septic tanks.  At that point it’s pretty obvious what happened.

But needless to say.  The bank had to pay for all of these repairs, before the property could change hands.

Below are some more pictures and a couple of videos.   And who doesn’t like videos of excavators working?

Whitewater Decommission

Whitewater Decommission

Starting to take off the top.  Oh, and in case you didn’t guess it, but aroma was spectacular on this job.  Whew we.

The Excavator is on the inlet side of the whitewater.

Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU) Starting to show in the center

Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU) Starting to show in the center

Here is the Aerobic Treatment Unit starting to show.  It’s a round plastic cone with air lines on the outer perimeter.  This is where the Aerobic Bacteria start feeding on the wastewater, and turning it into, well, cleaner water.  It’s a long process start to finish.  But we aren’t getting into that in this section.  Just decommissioning a tank.

Final Decommission Photo

Final Decommission Photo

Here is the final picture.  We are getting ready to pick the pieces up and lift it out piece by piece, out of the ground.



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  1. Thanks Collection Point for returning my $12,000.00, i had no idea until you guys told me. The fees were fair given all the interest i lost from the government.

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