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Latest customer testimonial via website: Memorial Day 2012

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Dear Ronnie,


You were awsome today. Your willingness to respond on a holiday weekend was a life saver. We really appreciate your patience, politeness and understanding. The fact that you took the time to explain in detail to multiple people the workings of septic systems was cool. Your knowledge of not only your job but state and federal regulations shows your dedication to your work. I especially liked how you looked up county records and knew more about this system than I.

The care you took bringing in your equipment to not damage trees and only digging up what you needed to preserve the property and not hurt our mother earth. Your over the phone quote was spot on and options to lower the bill is appreciated. I can’t tell you the last business I dealt with,with great customer service like yours. Your positive attitude, care, concern, patience, and honesty speak volumes of you as a person. You surely saved our weekend gathering and I’m sure my aunt Maja (home owner) will be pleased when she finds out. Thanks to you I now know more about poo, enzymes and bacteria than I ever did before. Many blessings and many thanks.


Darren Penland


It was really no problem at all. I enjoyed your family’s company and
kindness. Also know this. In the eight years I have been driving a septic
truck, I have never had anyone Ever walk my truck all the way out to the
road as you did. I really appreciated that, and it made second job, truck
driver, so much easier.

Thanks a million,


Happy Memorial Day 2012

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Happy Memorial Day.

I have been knocking this idea around for a few days. I want to show my appreciation for those who serve. But didn’t want to do one of those cheesy Memorial Day Specials. I really want to make a difference in a Senior Veteran’s life. My way of saying thanks for their, and their family’s sacrifice.
With that in mind. Please forward this post. Someone knows of a Senior Citizen Veteran, on septic, that needs serviced. First Call Septic would be honored to service them, entirely, for free. Just one though. I wish I could help everyone. But I cannot afford to lose my business. So with that in mind, I ask my facebook fans to find a senior citizen, in the Clark County Area that desperately needs septic work. My company is willing to do this entire service for free. Inspection/pumping/labor/discharge fees/filing fees/sales tax for absolutely nothing more than some old military stories and coffee. Heck, I’ll even bring the coffee.
Please let this post spread like wild fire. Post it on every wall you can, until we find a Senior Veteran.

Thanks so much, and God Bless,


Warning signs septic tank needs cleaned or pumped

Monday, May 21st, 2012

Good morning. This week I have a great project. I will try to document and take all kinds of pictures. It is a septic system that has just started to back up. It’s in the plumbing of the house, but hasn’t backed up into the showers yet. For those of you who don’t have “alarms” and sophisticated septic systems there are warning signs to not ignore.
1. toilets are flushing really weird. Not normal at all. A huge sign the septic is starting to back up.
2. Funny gurgling sounds in the pipes as you drain a sink. Another huge sign the septic is starting to back up.
There are two things going on. The pipes are not draining into the septic tank as designed and are flooded.
Now remember. These pipes under your house are not designed to have waste water sit in them. It’s a weight issue. They are designed to carry your waste water to the tank. And remain empty. This plumbing can get really heavy under all this weight and break under the crawl space of your home and cause your septic tank to back up in your crawl space. Which is extremely difficult to remove and expensive.

Do not wait for this to happen. Keep the septic tank clean. It’s the easiest and the least expensive solution.


Thanks for reading,



Septic Tank not serviced correctly in 20 years by competitor

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

The above video is from a customer that was referred to start using First Call Septic Services.  I am sure that she thought all septic service is the same, and the only difference must be price.  She couldn’t be further from the truth. She had one riser installed from my competitor for ease of access.  They have been servicing this tank for over 20 years.

2 compartment septic tank

2 compartment septic tank

She called us.  When I came out to pump the tank, I saw a “compartment wall” from the first hole.  I knew that there had to be a second lid and second compartment.  That is what we are trained to know.  I dug up this lid, free of charge, and pumped out the second compartment.  It had never been pumped and was completely full of sludge.

But the story gets worse. Now the competitor knew what size of septic tank this was.  We are all trained.  It was a 1250 gallon septic tank.  But I need to educate you about how the wall works.  It divides the septic tank into 2/3’s first compartment and 1/3 second compartment.   So needless to say, the first compartment holds about 830 gallons and the Second compartment holds about 417 gallons.

Now the competitor had charged her for the full 125o gallons of emptying that septic tank.  But let me work this out for you.  This is why a cheaper competitor is actually more expensive.  So the bill for 1250 gallons works like this.  1250 gallons at .38 cents per gallon is $475.00.  Now not all that money is my money.  I have to pay for discharge fees.  Which is currently at .235 per gallon.  So it will cost me $293.75 to discharge this waste leaving $181.25 for the company to pay wages, fuel, insurance, and wear and tear.  Remember it costs about $60 in fuel per tank we pump.

Now let’s work the numbers the way a crooked septic guy would make.  Now we know that he didn’t pump all 1250 gallons.  He only pumped out 830 gallons.  So this is his discharge bill.  $195.05.  So he charged her for the full 1250 gallons so now his profit is $279.95.  He get’s to make another $100 in profit for taking advantage of a homeowner’s lack-of-knowledge on how this all works.

And on top of that, he put her septic system in jeopardy, and allowed the sludge levels to reach a level that can contaminate the drainfield.  And if it does contaminate the drainfield, then he’d put in a new drainfield.  Making even more money on his crooked business practice.

This is why First Call Septic has not gone forward in going into the septic install business.  It’s too much of a conflict of interest.  It is our goal to get you the most out of your septic system as possible.

I really hope this makes sense.  If not, send me an email.


Thanks for reading,





Dog rescued from a sinkhole caused by an old cesspool, cistern

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Dog rescued from a sinkhole caused by an old septic tank, cesspool, or cistern.  

Here is just another example of getting these aging systems checked out from time-to-time.  And this was done by the weight of a dog.  It’s not even worth thinking about if the grandkids came over for a visit.

Thank God no one got hurt,

Thanks for reading,





RV Dump on septic system incorrectly installed

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

This homeowner decided that he wanted to install an RV dump.  Now you have to be careful with RV wastewater.  There are two things wrong with RV wastewater.

RV dump added to septic system

RV dump added to septic system

1. The septic system was designed to take wastewater at small doses.  Not 250 gallons at a time.  It really stirs up the tank and causes the sludge layer to become stirred up and carried out to the drainfield.

2. The little packets that you have to put in the toilet to control the odors are not septic approved.  Now they may say “all natural” and “biodegradable” and that usually gives one a warm squishy feeling that it must be septic safe.  But all of those packets are really low on the PH scale.  Meaning acidic.  You have to kill bacteria to control odor.  So in effect, you are dumping 250 gallons of sanitized wastewater into your septic tank, effectively killing the bacteria.  Let alone what’s happening in #1.

But in this case, the pictures show that the RV dump was placed incorrectly.  He completely plugged up his drainfield.   Drainfields can handle water only.  No solids at all.  So as it is set up at his house.  Household wastewater flows from the house, to the septic tank, and exits to the drainfield.  A correctly installed RV dump would be placed in-between the house and the septic tank.  That way the RV waste would have some septic tank treatment, and solids separation before heading out the drainfield.  You can see in the pictures attached that the RV Dump was placed between the septic tank and the drainfield.

Modifications to your septic system should be done by someone qualified.  Or at least call us for a consult over the phone before an expensive mistake happens.

RV Dump added to Septic System 2

RV Dump added to Septic System 2

Repair pictures to follow.


Thanks for reading,



Customer Testimonial on Facebook

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

Facebook First Call Septic Service 

Have a look at our facebook page.  Please click like if you like what you see.  One of our customer’s posted a testimonial on the page.

They were responding to a blog post that I put on there about their own home.  They were in a very bad situation about a competitor who caused them to nearly lose a house sale.  Please goto the facebook page and read about it.  It’s a real eye opener.


Able to revive a believed septic system failure

Friday, May 4th, 2012

Yesterday, Christopher Gross and I spent 6 hours on one job. Yikes. Now the good news. My competitor wrote it up as a complete system failure. BTW, my competitor installs septic systems. Slight conflict of interest. I was called for a second opinion. Now the system was busted up, hence 6 hour repair. 1 hour was me spent inside the septic tank patching it. Good times, btw, but at least I was out of the rain. ha ha. So back to the good news. My competitor quoted $20,000.00 to replace the system. That’s no joke, and I wish I could prove it. Homeowner called us, and we ran a plethora of tests. I determined that the system was not failed, that I, in fact, could fix it. I put in an estimate of $1,400.00 to repair the system. A couple of things came up during the repair, and the final bill was $1550.00. Those items came up during the excavation of the tank, and we cannot see under the ground. ha ha. Anyhow, needless to say. Homeowner is really happy that the repairs were done, and at a fair price. And he should get another 5 to 10 years out of it. Now he just needs to keep it clean. 🙂


Thanks for reading,



Sewage backing up out of the drainfield

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012
Sewage backing up on drainfield

Sewage backing up on drainfield

Here is a couple of pictures of sewage backing up out of the drainfield.  It is full of bacteria and pathogens. That is what is making that black tar color.  This has been going on for some time.  It kinda dries up in the summer but it’s still smelly and gross.  And is contaminating surface to ground water.   This drainfield needs dug up and find out what’s going on.  Chances are this drainfield has reached the end of it’s life.

Close up Sewage backing up on the drainfield

Close up Sewage backing up on the drainfield