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FORMS OF PAYMENT:  Currently we accept all major credit cards*. We also accept cash and checks.    Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover Card.  There are NO additional fees for using a credit card.


****Note:  Price Decrease  on January 13, 2014.  Tipping fees were eliminated in Clark County.

Cowlitz and Skamania Counties still have tipping fees so our prices are unchanged for those counties.  


Below is our 2016-2017 price list.

If you know how big your tank is, than here you go:  If you don’t know the size, than use the average.  The Average size tank in our county is 1000 gallons.

County Filing Fee:  This now does not apply for Clark County.  But continues in Cowlitz and Skamania Counties.

Clark County Inspection: $110.00

  • This includes digging up your tank and performing the inspection.  This does include 1 feet of digging.  Most tanks are about a foot under the ground.
  •  Includes filing fees and no sales tax is charged on Inspections.
  • We’ll file this with the county as well.
  • If your tank does need pumped, than the $110.00 gets reduced to $75.00 and the below price list applies.

*Note* If you want to save the Inspection Fee, you can simply order a pumping service.  At that point your Inspection will be FREE, but you must have the tank exposed or know the exact location of the tank, and have no more then 12 inches of dirt on top of it.
Reason: We do not perform inspections in the Vacuum Truck.   We perform the inspection in the Service Van.
When you call for a pumping service, save us a trip in two vehicles and you save the inspection fee.


Clark County Septic Pumping Price List
:  Our fee is $.38 cents per gallon.   But sales taxes will always apply (and will vary, depending on location).

Tank Size        Septic Pumping               Tax                 Total

1000 gal          $380.00                      $31.16               $411.16

1250 gal        $475.00                         $38.95              $513.95

1500 gal         $570.00                        $46.74             $616.74


Cowlitz and Skamania Counties Prices.
Now both counties are huge, bigger than most think, so please understand there could be additional trip surcharge for those that live way past, the-middle-of-no-where.

The Fee is $.46 cents per gallon.
Below is the breakdown of how it works:
Note Discharge fee is .23 cents per gallon, or city disposal fee.
We charge .15 cents per gallon to dig/pump/haul it away.
Added together to make the $.38 per gallon.
As of 1/1/2014 Skamania County and Cowlitz Counties have started charging tipping fees.
Now, I am not sure why it’s called tipping fees.  These fees are not for us, it’s for them.  They want .07 cents per gallon.
So we need to charge an additional .07 cents per gallon in those two counties.
I hope this isn’t too confusing.  But the total charge for Cowlitz and Skamania Counties is .46 cents per gallon.

Tank Size          Septic Pumping           County Tipping       Tax           Total

1000 gal                  $380.00                          $70.00          $34.65        $484.65

1250 gal                  $475.00                           $87.50         $43.31        $605.81

1500 gal                   $570.00                         $105.00          $51.98       $726.98



NOTE:  When calling around be sure to compare apples-to-apples.  There is no additional fees on septic pumping.  These additional fees, others may not tell you about until you are ready to pay.  And then your hit with additional fees.  With us, the totals above are your going to pay.  *Fuel Surcharges may apply to distances ~ 30 miles from Vancouver, WA.

SEPTIC INSPECTIONS:  Septic Inspections do require more than the average person thinks.  It’s not the stomp-and-sniff that used to be performed years ago.  That was when a technician would stomp the ground and sniff to see if he smells anything.  ha ha.  Now that’s just funny.  Now it involves digging up the inlet and outlet pipes of your septic tank.  Checking for leaks by looking in and checking for cracks in the lid.  We will also make sure your inlet and outlet baffles are in place and secure.  We will also take a “core sample” from your tank.  This will tell you how “thick” your layers are.  Utilizing the criteria from Cowlitz County, and Skamania County Health Dept. we will advise you if your tank needs pumped or not.  Inspections by themselves run $135.00.  This includes everything.  No separate fees or any add ons.  We don’t play that game.  County will be notified online by http://www.onlinerme.com/. From there you can search your own property and see the inspection.  Print it if you’d like.

SEPTIC INSPECTION LEADS TO PUMPING:  Okay, so let’s just say you hired us to do the inspection.  We come out in the inspection van, and find out your tank needs pumped.  As long as there isn’t an emergency, you will be scheduled in the following week.  Please understand we cannot do inspections in the semi-truck.  As it get’s 2-4 miles per gallon, and if we don’t pump anything, we’ll actually lose money, and be out of business quickly.  So then the inspection becomes $75.00 plus the price list above.  If there are any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to call or send us an email.

EMERGENCY AND WEEKEND SERVICE: There are two reasons we have had to start adding a $50.00 emergency fee.  I have found that we attempt to schedule the truck to work in one area all day.  Example Washougal, WA. We schedule one area to save on time and fuel.  Then we get an emergency service up in Castle Rock.  We then have to get the truck up to that area at 4 mpg.   Plus rescheduling our regular pumpings to get to the emergency.  We don’t make any money on this.  It’s 40 miles up at 4 mpg.  That’s 10 gallons of fuel up, and ten gallons of fuel to get back to the schedule.  That’s over $90.00 dollars in fuel.  But for now, we are charging $50.00 for emergency service.  We just simply need help with the fuel.  We have to start charging extra for the weekends as well.  If we pull the truck out for only one job on a weekend, same thing about the mileage.  I do feel bad for this; however, we need help with the fuel, if you need weekend services.  Weekend Emergency Service fee is an additional $125.00

TANK LOCATE: This is needed when you, the homeowner, or me, the technician, cannot find your septic tank.  This is rare.  I can usually find it in about 10 minutes with a simple probe.  Also if the county has no file of where it is.  Then we can flush down a transmitter down your toilet.  It emits an electronic signal that my receiver can follow.  Then we simply follow it to the tank.  The fee for this service is $125.00.  There is no county filing fee for this service.

ENTIRE SEPTIC SYSTEM LOCATE:  Sometimes the county may require your entire system to be located and documented.  This is usually due to an older home and there’s no documentation at the county health dept, and the homeowner wants to put on an addition or shop or something.  Example Septic Tank, Pump Chamber, Drainfield, and lines.  The fee for this starts at $125.00 and an hourly rate of $85.00 per hour.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call.  Please keep in mind, I may be pumping a septic tank or under a house.  Leave a message if I don’t answer, and I will return your call usually within an hour.

Now there is one thing that will increase the cost of a septic pumping.  If there is garbage in there.
This is rare; but I run across it from time to time.
Now most of you will be thinking, who’d put garbage down there.
Garbage in septic is anything that doesn’t naturally come from the body.  Anything else = garbage.
The charge is an additional .10 cents per gallon and additional labor.  So on a 1,000 gallon tank, you can expect another $100.

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