Warning signs septic tank needs cleaned or pumped

Warning signs septic tank needs cleaned or pumped

Good morning. This week I have a great project. I will try to document and take all kinds of pictures. It is a septic system that has just started to back up. It’s in the plumbing of the house, but hasn’t backed up into the showers yet. For those of you who don’t have “alarms” and sophisticated septic systems there are warning signs to not ignore.
1. toilets are flushing really weird. Not normal at all. A huge sign the septic is starting to back up.
2. Funny gurgling sounds in the pipes as you drain a sink. Another huge sign the septic is starting to back up.
There are two things going on. The pipes are not draining into the septic tank as designed and are flooded.
Now remember. These pipes under your house are not designed to have waste water sit in them. It’s a weight issue. They are designed to carry your waste water to the tank. And remain empty. This plumbing can get really heavy under all this weight and break under the crawl space of your home and cause your septic tank to back up in your crawl space. Which is extremely difficult to remove and expensive.

Do not wait for this to happen. Keep the septic tank clean. It’s the easiest and the least expensive solution.


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  1. I find it helpful to know that if my septic system provides crackling sounds in the pipes when draining, it’s best to have it cleaned by a professional before it causes a backflow. We have this issue with the drain in our kitchen sink. I thought it wasn’t a big issue, so I didn’t pay much attention. But because of what you’ve said, I’ll definitely hire a septic tank cleaning service soon.

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