About Us

Septic pumout

This is me running the crust buster during a septic pumpout

We are a small family business run out of Battle Ground, Wa.  Just a few miles north of Vancouver, Wa.

I have been in this industry for 10 years now.  My wife, Jennifer, and I run this business out of our home just about 1 mile north of Lewisville Park.  We have two boys which are 10 and 8 years old.  Both attend Battle Ground Schools.  Justin, the oldest is at Chief Umtuch Middle School, and Matthew, our youngest attends Captain Strong Elementary School.

We have one Employee and he is my best friend Christopher.  It will either be him or I responding to all types of calls.  At anytime its routine septic inspections/pumping or backup/alarm calls.

We have two vacuum trucks.  One is named “Mack” and the other is named “Pete”.  “Mack” is the backbone of the business with 5,000 gallons of onboard capacity.  He can really haul some wastewater.  “Pete” is 3,000 gallons and is a great truck for when the schedule is really getting hit hard.  At times both trucks are called out, at the same time, for really big projects.  AKA need to move a lot of wastewater, and need to move it fast.

We also have two inspection trucks.  One is a 3/4 ton F2fiddy and the other is a Freightliner Sprinter Van.  Both are usually what we run around it.  Both don’t do any pumpings.  They respond out to alarms and inspection/real estate inspection calls.

But the backbone and brains of this operation is my wife Jennifer.   Before her, I was just a hard working man spinning my tires and working hard.  She has made our lives much easier by getting us to work smarter, and not so hard.

Most of the time she is the one answering phones and scheduling appointments.  With four trucks and two vacuum trucks driving around, we usually have someone close by.