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I have always made your problems my problems, until they are resolved.

Ronnie Tamez Onsite Septic Maintenance Provider/Technician

2210 W Main St Ste 107-316

Battle Ground, WA 98604

Office: 360-686-0505

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  1. Ronnie, this is not a dire emergency, but I am leaving town on Tuesday and don’t want to leave my wife in the lurch. We have 3 gravity tanks, the first two are full. There was a blockage between 2 and 3 which I managed to unclog and get flowing again. I’m thinking we need tanks 1 and 2 pumped, but you are the expert here. (What brought this to our attention was flooding from our basement drain just before the pipe leaving the house.)
    Can you fit us in to your schedule soon?
    You should have us in your files…
    Gary and Elsie Boek
    On NE 74th Ct, BG

  2. I know spetic holding tank need an alarm, does septic system need an alarm too? Is the alarm optional or a must for septic system? Thank you.

    1. Hi Richard,

      In our area, it is written into code that if we have a pump to push wastewater to another component of your septic system, example drainfield/sand mound/sand filter, then an alarm is installed to warn you of a pump failure, or high water event.

      In a traditional gravity style septic system, (Septic tank to Drainfield), a high water alarm is optional, but can be added to most systems.

      If I was installing a septic system today, I would put a high water alarm in it. While the trench is open and system is being put it, it’s super easy to install. But after the fact, it’s a bit harder and there’s lots of digging to do.

      Does that help you, or answer your question?

      Thanks for writing,


  3. My septic is about 10 months old, just had it pumped 2 weeks ago cause my red light was flashing, now the light is back on again. I checked the breaker and everything was on, i even turned it off and on again and its still flashing.
    When the men were here pumping i watched and all they did was shove the tube down it and pump it out.
    Do you think its possible it needs to be pumped again so quickly?

    1. Hi Desiree,

      Your red light flashing does not indicate that your septic needed pumped. It indicated something is going wrong with a pump/blower in your septic system. Calling a septic truck to pump the tank will never make the light stop flashing. You need to call a service technician to repair/replace a pump/blower.

      I hope that makes sense.

      Let me know if I can help you further.

      Thanks for writing,


  4. I am due for mandatory 24 month septic inspection. I am 6.1 miles from you. Address: 11913 NE 16th St., Vancouver, 98684 Access ports are dug up. 3 lids ready to open. Please send a price quote. e mail or text to 360-843-3053

  5. The nice lady answering the phone was wonderful I have five grandkids and two adults and we make it from check to check our home we love it but it’s getting a little old she help me told me how to fix the problem sent me videos and everything worked perfectly he save me all kinds of money not doing things I did not do the other separate places want to do she just told me how to fix the problem and was so nice doing it very professional I’m sorry I think her name was Olga Wonderful people will call them in the future when I need my tank pumped

  6. Hi- I believe my drain field is not working properly. Are you able to repair or replace them? If so, what are the typical repair options and how much do they generally cost.
    Thank you

    1. Are you in Clark County Washington state?
      We only repair, if it can be. Unable to provide a quote, since we don’t know what’s wrong or how long it will take to fix it and Depth of system.

  7. Hello, I have a failed septic system, was told the drain field is not working by Bob’s septic service. I have lived at address for 40 years. Ray Miller said to give you a shout, I have known Ray for several years. Thank you

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