County Requirements

County Requirements

Clark County Health Department:  Click here to be taken to the health department’s website.

Currently county and state authorities are requiring 3 year inspections on every gravity system in the county.  And Pump to gravity bed drainfields.  What does this mean for you?   It does not mean you need a pumping.  Simply an inspection and pump if necessary.  We have to look at your tanks for cracks or leaks.  Make sure all pipes and baffles are in place and secure.  We also inspect the drainfield absorption area to check for ponding or unusual smells or growth.   These are to be inspected by OM1 certified or OM2 Certified septic specialist.  This is a certification required by Washington State and Clark County.  First Call Septic is continuing our education in the onsite sewage management field with WOSSA (Washington state Onsite Sewage Association.)

Now I already know what you’re thinking.  It’s never given us problems for years.  Sometimes 30 years.  Fact is, it may have not backed up into your house, but it could be leaking and getting into ground water.  And if your septic is close your well water,  Ewwww.  Not only is it the gross factor but to protect public health.  Ecoli lives in septic tanks.  Sewage is full of potassium and nitrates.  All three are very harmful to our rivers and streams.  And can cause unusual algae growth.

It is possible to be releasing untreated waste and not even know about it.  But you invested a lot of money in your onsite sewage treatment plant.  And your house.  You wouldn’t want to devalue your home by having this potentially catastrophic condition.  It is usually easier to fix little problems before they become expensive ones.

Now,  for people who have pressurized distribution or simply septic tank to pressure drainfield, your inspection is every two years. If you have any type of pretreatment Sand Filter, or Sand Mound, or Aerobic Treatment Unit then you need to have an inspection yearly.   By an OM2 Certified Management professional. If you have an Aerobic Treatment Unit be sure that your Maintenance provider is certified to be working on it. If they are not certified, you could be putting your system at risk. We are certified for all aerobic treatment units in our area. Whitewater, Biorobics, and Biomicrobics.    We are current with our certifications and are able to inspect all types of systems.  Certified by WOSSA (Washington State Onsite Sewage Association.)  Licensed and certified by Clark County Health Department.

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2 thoughts on “County Requirements

  1. I just bought a coffee shop at 11100 Ne 76th street Vancouver, wa. 98662. I need a septic inspection. I called another and will not set up appointment. I need this I am waiting on this to get my health department inspection to start . I cannot do with out. Do you do these a d if so when can you come out?
    Thank you
    Ronda calleja

    1. Hello Ronda,

      We have tried calling you and emailing you as well. We can get to this inspection at anytime so you can meet the requirements. Just either return our call or email so we can assist you further.

      Thanks a million,


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