Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

*We finally made it on T.V.¬† Check out the link.¬†¬†KPTV12 Newsroom.¬†¬† We got a call from David Smidke from channel 12.¬† He stated he was having a septic nightmare that has lasted over 4 years.¬† He had opened the phone book and called out 2 companies before me.¬† One company charged him over 3,000 dollars to pump his septic tank and jet the drainfield.¬† The next company charged him to pump the Septic tank again.¬† Still backing up in his house he called Us.¬† After spending¬†approximately¬†3 hrs diagnosing and digging up his system.¬† I realized that there must be another septic tank in the ground.¬† Low and behold, there was.¬† Even the Clark County records only showed one tank in the ground.¬† But we found the other.¬† Boy was it full.¬† Never pumped in over 35 years.¬† Mr. Smidke had never seen anyone try to diagnose his problems or bother checking for another tank.¬† No one even knew it was there.¬† My years of experience led me to believe it.¬† Mr. Smidke’s septic nightmare is over.¬† When calling around, be sure to check the health dept. to see if they are certified to be working on your septic tank.¬† Anyone can¬†advertise¬†in the phone books.¬† Just pay money and you’re in.¬† Phone books don’t check certifications, that will always be left to the homeowner.

First Call Septic is Licensed and Certified by Clark County Health Deptartment.  Washington State Onsite Sewage Association (Wossa), and National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association (Nowra).


Only too rare are the occasions when one encounters honesty, integrity, and thoroughgoing competence exhibited by a tradesman. It gives me pleasure to state that I find those traits and qualities abundantly exemplified by the owners of FIRST CALL SEPTIC, Ronnie Tamez and his wife.

In answering a service call by me, Ronnie sacrificed his own time and labor to set right a very bad situation caused by another in his field. I cannot commend him and his Company too highly. Should you wish verification of the source and accuracy of this endorsement, feel free to contact me by email at

V. L. Harris, CDR USN-RET


Here is a letter written into us via email.

I want to thank Ronnie at First Call Septic Service for coming right over and saving us from a huge disaster of our septic system almost collapsing!  We have been here for a year now, and at the beginning of summer our septic alarm started going off.

We had a septic company come out a few times, but nothing seemed to get fixed. When they would leave, we felt like not much had changed because we didn’t know if the system was OK or not. The alarm was still going off.¬† It was very frustrating because our pocket book was definitely draining, but we weren’t sure if our septic system was.

My husband met Ronnie a week ago and Ronnie told him about his company First Call. Of course, a couple of days later our alarm went off again, so we called Ronnie. He came the next day and went through our whole system, dug up two tank openings ( we didn’t even know about one of them), he found that the tanks were not emptied like we were told they were. They never dug up the tanks on the previous pumpings.

Both tanks were missing very important screens, and the pump screen was completely off the pump! Needless to say, the other company didn’t do a very good job! Ronnie worked very hard and was extremely efficient, and he did an awesome job. ¬†He also gave us pointers on things not to use to help keep our system healthy and to work properly. Not often these days can you find a company that does a good job, does it with efficiently,¬†that is honest and trustworthy, but¬† let me tell you, you will find that in First Call Septic Service.

Thank You Ronnie

The Yankovsky’s Battle Ground, Wa 98604

*I say thank you Kristi and Darren.  For the honor and priviledge of servicing your system.  Your septic nightmare is now over.


This one was via email.

Dear Ronnie,

I found out about you and your fantastic reputation from your past customers Kristi and Darren.¬† I’m a woman learning all the in’s and out’s of running my own home and property.¬† I lost my husband 3 years ago and am finding out the hard way.¬† That all service people are not created equal.

You came to my home, assesed my problem, a failed septic system.  After much hard digging you took the next step to set me up with Evergreen Septic Design and Mark Hill. You spent over 3 hours at my home and charged me no more than a service call.  I was floored.  I expected a much higher cost.  Your level of customer service goes above and beyond and is one of the reasons I love living in this area.  People still care.

Thank you for walking me through a very tramatic process.  Money is tight for us all and you and your knowlege made it much easier.  I will highly recommend you to everyone I know.

Susan Hagood


This one was on a postcard.

Thank you for stopping with your family and checking in on us.

Signed, The Martins Battle Ground, Wa 98604

*The Martins had some problems with their system backing up.  We hooked up our trucks to their drainfield and opened them back up.  I came back to check up on them.  I had the kids and wife with me.  Their system is working perfectly now.


This one was sent via email.

Good work today Ronnie.  Wanted to thank you for the advise on the Mound.  Looked over your site and it is impressive.  Look forward to seeing you next year.

Robert of Rainbow Adult Family Home

*I thank you Robert.¬† Robert is the owner of an adult family home.¬† Nice place, but because of their “High Strength Wastes,” (Technical term for lots of laundry soaps and bleach).¬† He has opted to take on yearly pumpings and inspections.¬†¬† This will keep his system running much cleaner.¬† And will help his Expensive Sand Mound Filter last longer.


This another via email.


I want to thank you for the time, energy, and effort that you put into pumping, inspecting, and solving my septic problems.¬† I have already recommended you to friends and neighbors because I found you to be professional, “over the top” in customer satisfaction, and trustworthy!¬† Three Qualities that are lacking in the business world today.¬† I felt that you gave me extra time and attention to ask qustions and problem solve.¬† My best interest was also your best interest.¬† Again, thank you for making your services a pleasant experience.


God is good, All the time!

*Thank you Sarah for this incredible email.¬† It really made my day.¬† Also my slogan says, “Our business is, Your Business.”¬† and I mean it.¬† ūüôā


Another via email.


Thank you SO much for coming out and doing our yearly inspection.  I appreciate the time that you spent explaining our system to me and for showing me how to clean the filter.. not reallly looking forward to cleaning it, but I will do it every six months.  Our family appreciates your kindness and knowledge, we will definitely be using you for our yearly inspections and will refer you to everybody we know!

Thank you and Take Care,

The Warmenhoven Family, Vancouver, WA

*Carrie, Now you don’t have to clean it if you don’t want to.¬† you can call me and I can swing by when I am in the area.¬† I will clean it for you.¬† It only takes a second.¬† I really enjoy showing homeowners how their system works.¬† And why it’s the most greenest, most cost effective way to treat waste.¬† Onsite.


Here’s another one we got from Mr. and Mrs. Toland

Dear Ronnie,
We just want to thank you again for all of your work on our septic system.¬† To say we were shocked to find out things weren’t working as they should would be an understatement!¬† Your additional effort to contact our builder and make him aware of the failure of our system was invaluable to us.¬† In addition, you were able to provide us with an understanding of how the system is intended to work (ie pump, sand filter, etc). The enclosed gift card is a token of our appreciation.¬† Please accept it with our great thanks.
God’s blessings to you and your family,
Mr. and Mrs. Toland

*I replied back.  It is no problem.  Another goal that my small company has is to make your problems, My Problems until they are resolved.  It is my commitment to all of my customers.  To make them feel like my only customer.  Thank you for the gift.  It is greatly appreciated, but never expected.


Here is a card received via mail

First Call РThank you so much for your donation of pumping our failed septic.  Your act of selfless giving has blessed us tremendously.  Melissa & Kids

*This was a story of when-it-rains-it-pours.¬† Single mother, failed septic.¬† Hooking up to city sewer was a permit of $14,000.00.¬† Living Hope Church donated the permit.¬† Integrity Excavation donated the equipment, fuel, trucks, man hours, and rock/gravel.¬† Ferguson Pipe and Supply donated all the pipe and supplies needed for the hook-up.¬† First Call Septic donated the pumping, and decommission of the tank, which included the city’s discharge fee’s and all filing fees.


Here’s another great customer’s comments via email:

Hi Ronnie,
Thank you for the reports and for being a stand up person in general. We are very happy with your services and will definitely go with you in the future and will pass your name to everyone we can.
Your referral for Scot from Breaking Ground Excavation (360-798-1081) **was great. That exposed lid, in the backyard, was starting to make us nervous !
Thank you again for everything. God bless you and your family .
Michael and Jeannie Seeder

*I say thank you to Michael and Jeannie Seeder.  It was great meeting you and look forward to seeing you again.

**Phone number was added by me, Ronnie, and was not originally in the testimonial.

Also We finally made our local paper.  The Reflector.  Have a look.  It was the October 8th Issue of 2008.

Here’s the artice in case it’s not legible.

First Call Septic quickly earning a quality reputation:

Ken Vance

Staff reporter

Darren and Kristy Yankovsky were getting tired of the alarm going off on their septic system at their Batlle Ground home.

The couple had called two different septic companies to diagnose their problem, but after spending hundreds of dollars, the problem still persisted.

The Yankovskys called First Call Septic  and asked Ronnie Tamez to investigate.

“He came the next day and went through our whole system.¬† Dug up two tank openings (We didn’t even know about one of them”, he found that the tanks were not emptied like we were told they were,” Kristy Yankovsky wrote in an email.¬† “they never dug up the tanks on the previous pumpings.”

“Both tanks were missing very important screens, and the pump screen was completely off the pump,” Kristy wrote. “Needless to say, the other company didn’t do a very good job.¬† Ronnie worked very hard and was extremely efficient, and he did an awesome job.¬† He also gave us pointers on things not to use¬† to help keep our system healthy and to work properly.”

First Call Septic has been in business since March.¬† Ronnie and Sarah Tamez operate the company out of their home in Yacolt.¬† Prior¬† to starting First Call Septic, Ronnie worked for four and a¬†half years in the septic industry with Big John’s Septic Service.

The economy did it, said Ronnie, when asked why he and his wife went into business for themselves.¬† “The septic business got too slow for Big John’s to carry an employee.¬† We talked about it and decided to give it a shot. ”

A truck was purchased and shipped to Yacolt from Massachusetts, and Ronnie went to work getting it ready for the opening of the business.

“I wanted it to be really nice because it’s my rolling business card going down the road,” Ronnie said.

The first couple of months were a little slow, but Tamez says the business is doing just fine now.

“People knew me and knew I had been in the business for many years so it started picking up,” he said.

First Call Septic is licensed and certified by the Clark County Health Department, Washington State Onsite Sewage Association, and the National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association.

Among the services that the company offers is septic tank pumping and servicing, inspections, verifications and electronic location.  Tamez offers senior and veteran discounts and services Clark, Cowlitz, and Skamania Counties.

Sarah is a 1996 graduate of Battle Ground High School and has lived in Yacolt her entire life.¬† Ronnie is a 1993 graduate of Goldendale High School.¬† The couple met while working at McDonald’s in Battle Ground and now have two children, 4 year old Justin and 2 year old Matthew.

Tamez follows Clark County’s recommendation for periodic inspections.

“I would go with what the county recommends, ” he said “All gravity systems need to be inspected every three years.¬† Any systems with pumps, Alarms, Filters or sand mounds need to be inspected every year. ”

Most systems need to be pumped every three-to-five years.¬† “It used to be you painted your house and pumped your tank every five years, ” joked Ronnie.¬† “It’s just a giant garbage can down there.¬† It’s going to get full.¬† It’s got to be maintained, that’s the biggest thing. ”

The periodic inspections can reveal necessary repairs that could cost homeowners a lot of money and grief if left undetected.

“The system that fails on a property, will likely not be approved to be put back into place, ” Tamez cautions.

For more information about the business, visit on the internet or call (360)686-0505.

11.  This one came in via email.  This homeowner actually provided me with two great pictures of the inside of his tank for outlet baffle repair.

Repaired outlet baffle
Repaired outlet baffle
Broken Outlet Baffle
Broken/missing outlet baffle

Thanks again for your help.  I appreciate it more than you could imagine.  You are a first rate top notch human.

Anyway here’s a couple pictures you might enjoy or possibly make use of¬†…

(requested name withheld)

12.  This one via email dated 7/17/2010.

I wanted to add a testimony to your site. This is thanks for the timely response for septic pumping that would have held up another project. Not only was it done quickly and professionally, but Ronnie also found and repaired a problem that a previous company had brushed off, not wanting to make that extra effort. It reminds me of the old saying – When someone does a poor job for you you tell everyone about it. When someone does a good job you tell all your friends – and my friends will definately hear about his superior work.


This is ¬†a customer who wishes to share their experience with us, sent to us via email. ¬†The customer had mentioned a competitor in the email, so I had to edit it out. ¬†I don’t know the legal impacts of having their name on my site. ¬†So instead of taking on that headache, I simply edited that portion in quotes.

We decided to give Ronnie a try after we found his website and read the testimonials and reviews on his site. The website is great and so are the testimonials but Ronnie in person is way better. For some reason he kind of reminds me of Mike Myers from SNL.

We had our tank pumped three years earlier by another outfit and were given almost no real input from the company on how to manage the septic system and were given false information and they made us feel like our system was on the verge of collapse. The company even sent incorrect information to the county that our system was deficient which I had to get rectified which was a headache. They also were eager to explain how many thousands of dollars it would cost for new drain field. It was a scary feeling and when I asked them if it was possible to turn it around they gave us little to no hope. The company we called was (*Competitor Name Here*) and they fixed our baffle but they had an (*Different Competitor Name Here*) truck pump out our septic tank. I asked them about the different names on the trucks and got a non answer really. It turns out (*Competitor Name*) is buying up a lot of the smaller outfits in Clark county.  So we had two groups from this same organization really who had a chance to inform us much better and neither was the owner and had little invested in providing great service. Ronnie is the owner and he wants you to be successful and invests the time and effort to make you a return customer. We had thought of doing the inspections ourselves and taking the class with the county but I think it is worth it to have Ronnie do it and get his take on it and give you advice on how to manage it. He could teach a class on this!

I have a big problem with the fact that the county doesn’t do the inspections nor gives ratings for these companies who do inspections.

They rely on independent contractors to be their eyes and ears and noses and some of them have a real conflict of interest and could give a crap

ūüôā about your situation. So when picking someone to come out again I did so with some trepidation for sure and had no idea what to really expect.

Ronnie turned out to be so informative and so helpful and he could have easily told us we needed to have our tank pumped and we would have done so since we didn’t know any better but he didn’t. Instead he inspected it and gave us a lot of very useful information on this. He had even brought his expensive pumping truck out just in case we needed it pumped since we called him for emergency service and it turned out the line was just plugged a little. It costs him like $60.00 to bring the truck! He spent so much time I felt guilty on how little we paid him for all the really good info he was providing along with the inspection. I felt confident this time around about how well we were doing and what we could further improve on. That is like night and day compared to three years earlier, plus it cost us only the inspection fee which were we due for with the county. I now can spend the money I would have on pumping to install risers to make inspections easier and more easily check our progress on the system.

I know the county doesn’t want to take sides with these companies since their website is not that helpful in picking inspector/pumper but they really need to since there is so much room for abuse out there. In the interim hopefully you will google and pull up this review.

I did a lot of research on this since not much advice from septic pumper three years ago and we implemented all sorts of things in three years to turn around a slow system. Our system did improve greatly and we spent a lot of money but we didn’t really need to do all of it. So if you do implement better septic strategies it is possible to improve your system, we proved that but Ronnie will help you figure out which ones to focus on to improve your situation. If you think you have problems with a septic system have Ronnie come and assess it for you it is well worth the cost and the peace of mind you will get knowing that he is not there to rip you off and you will get a good assessment of the situation and he will give you a lot of good info and reasonable ways to mitigate it.

If you do need a new drain field Ronnie would be my first call for sure.

I was told a new drain field would run into the thousands of dollars three years ago by both the pumper and repair guy and Ronnie says it could be as little as $1,800.00 depending on the situation. Ronnie is the poster boy of what companies should be doing to help our ground water and helping folks extend the life of their septic systems in Clark County. We really need to support guys like Ronnie in this community.

Peace of mind with this a very important part of this and I wished we had known of Ronnie three years ago. I highly recommend you spend a few bucks more (really his rates are very good) and have Ronnie assess your system. It will save you from unnecessary worry and money in the long run. There are certifications to these companies and Ronnie has a level three which means he has a much higher level of understanding with more complicated systems and can legally work on them which is critical because they can really mess things up if they do not know what they are doing.

Also I must point out that Ronnie does what his site says. If you have an emergency he will put you further up on his to do list and delay non emergency appointments and that was very helpful to us since we called with emergency. The next time we call Ronnie it will be for a regular inspection and if he can’t make it that day that is fine with us since he knows how to prioritize his customers for emergencies and doesn’t charge emergency high rates as some do. It really is a win win for all of his customers.


13. Todd Jones out of La Center, Wa was kind enough to leave us a few words. Here’s his email below.

I would like to thank you for the wonderful service I received from your company this weekend.

We noticed our septic cleanout was backwashing onto our lawn at 7:3o pm on Friday Night.

I was sure everyone was closed as I started calling every company in the area to help, however, First Call answered the phone on that late Friday Night.

‚ÄúYes, we can help‚ÄĚ, I was told, ‚Äúwe can have a truck there between 11-1 tomorrow‚ÄĚ.¬† I had to check, you actually mean to tomorrow?¬† Yes and we will send you an updated e-mail and text and you can track how far away the truck is.¬†¬† Sure enough, I got a text and an e-mail and it listed the drivers name and gave me a location and a time he would arrive and kept me updated.¬† IT said he would be there at 12, and he showed up 12 ready to work.

The driver, ADAM SANSBURN was kind, courteous, knowledgeable and extremely pleasant.  He went right to work, took care of our problem, gave us advice on how to avoid the problem in the future and offer a lot helpful and knowledgeable information.  He did everything with a smile on his face and very pleasant demeanor that was greatly appreciated.  He cleaned up the area, and was extremely conscientious of his work.  I cannot say enough good things about Adam and First Call Septic.  The price was extremely fair and reasonable and was exactly what they told me it would be and what was published on their web site.  No hidden surprises or hidden extra fees.   Incredibly professional.

I have already recommended First Call to several friends and I will continue to recommend them anyone and I will never use anyone else.   Thank you so much for such great service.

Todd Jones ‚Äď La Center, WA.

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