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Lack of Septic Pumping leads to Septic System Failure

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

This septic emergency was because of lack of maintenance.

This client was under the impression that you never need to pump the septic system, unless it’s giving you trouble.  He adds septic tank additives every months.  It’s never giving him a problem before.

Unfortunately, over 8 years, it completely packed with solids.  All a septic tank does is separate liquids from solids and allow liquids to enter the drainfield.  If the septic tank get’s too full, it will allow solids to enter the drainfield, and cause it to fail.  This homeowner thought he was taking very good care of his system.  No garbage disposal.  Doesn’t flush any garbage at any time.  Just toilet paper.  Added septic additives.  He was shocked to see that the system is now failed.  It filled up with water, and the drainfield could not accept any water, and backed up within minutes of pumping the septic tank.  Now the entire system will need to be replaced with a system that’s up to code.

This septic system failure could have been easily avoided by cleaning the septic tank every 4-6 years.

Estimated cost of system replacement $8,000-$13,000 if county allows replacement.  The county may require city sewer hook up because it’s close.  Estimated cost to hook up to city sewer $18,000 to $25,000.  Estimated cost of pumping a septic tank every 4-6 years $380.00.

Customer Testimonial on Facebook

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

Facebook First Call Septic Service 

Have a look at our facebook page.  Please click like if you like what you see.  One of our customer’s posted a testimonial on the page.

They were responding to a blog post that I put on there about their own home.  They were in a very bad situation about a competitor who caused them to nearly lose a house sale.  Please goto the facebook page and read about it.  It’s a real eye opener.


Able to revive a believed septic system failure

Friday, May 4th, 2012

Yesterday, Christopher Gross and I spent 6 hours on one job. Yikes. Now the good news. My competitor wrote it up as a complete system failure. BTW, my competitor installs septic systems. Slight conflict of interest. I was called for a second opinion. Now the system was busted up, hence 6 hour repair. 1 hour was me spent inside the septic tank patching it. Good times, btw, but at least I was out of the rain. ha ha. So back to the good news. My competitor quoted $20,000.00 to replace the system. That’s no joke, and I wish I could prove it. Homeowner called us, and we ran a plethora of tests. I determined that the system was not failed, that I, in fact, could fix it. I put in an estimate of $1,400.00 to repair the system. A couple of things came up during the repair, and the final bill was $1550.00. Those items came up during the excavation of the tank, and we cannot see under the ground. ha ha. Anyhow, needless to say. Homeowner is really happy that the repairs were done, and at a fair price. And he should get another 5 to 10 years out of it. Now he just needs to keep it clean. 🙂


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Septic system under house

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Today, I get to climb under a house. The entire septic system is under that house. The area for me to work is in the crawl space. system is failed. Sewage is backing up, in the dirt, and is about 1/2 inch thick. I have to hand-over-hand it down there and clean it up. Repair of this system is impossible. I’m not even sure how to decommission this tank correctly. We just can’t simply move the house. The drainfield is under the house as well.

So please. Heed this warning. *Do not build a house on top of your septic system. It makes for repairs/service nearly impossible and very expensive. So today, I get to lay in sewage to clean it up. And the sewage is not the bad part. It’s all the bugs that moved in. Septic flies and black widow spiders are everywhere.

Good times.


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Update on Competitor wrote up system failure

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

Here is an update from the “competitor wrote up system failure.”  You can see in the picture that the water levels are at the appropriate levels in the septic tank.  The discharge line to the drainfield is on the left.  The water level is on the lower side of the outlet pipe.  This is the static level of this septic tank.  This is where it should always be.  It has not been functioning for over a week since the drainfield repair.  We went out about a week ago and made sure it was full of water and the drainfield was taking on effluent.  It has been taking on effluent ever since.

Update competitor wrote up septic failure 11-11-2011

Update competitor wrote up septic failure 11-11-2011

Now the old “top” of the septic tank was made out of wood.  This is not a water tight, nor an airtight seal.  Which is needed for septic systems to be septic.  We are placing the order on Monday for a new septic tank lid, with access holes precast into it above the compartments of the tank.  We will put risers in and easier access for future maintenance.


This homeowner has to be especially greatfull.  He was looking at about $13,000.00 for replacing the system.  I think he will be under $1,500.00 for the entire repair.  I will keep pictures coming.

November 24, 2011,

Heavy rains have stopped us from completing the repair at this time.  Keep checking in.  Remember, although our trackhoe has tracks on it, it does not float.  It will sink and get stuck.  If we need to, we’ll buy plywood to complete this repair sometime in the next two weeks.  With the record rainfall we’ve been having, we just have to hang on tight.  The replacement lid has been poured and cured, and is sitting here in the truckyard waiting installation.

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