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Septic Tank Decommission

Friday, January 4th, 2019

Most people think that all septic contractors are the same. That our only difference is the price. And this cannot be further from the truth.

Competitor who is much cheaper decommissioned this septic tank and hooked up this house to city sewer. Reason for this was the client wanted to build an addition over his septic system, which is not allowed, so hooking up to city sewer was required.

Septic tank was not decommissioned correctly, and now the client wants to sell his home.

Septic tank not decommissioned correctly causes sinkhole under house

Home Inspector climbs under the house to inspect the crawlspace and sees that the footing for a support beam is about 4 inches lower than the beam. Indicating that the ground beneath the footing is sinking. This was a red flag to him. It didn’t take long for him to realize that there might be an old septic tank down there collapsing. He said it was time to refer the experts.

Which is where we come in. I removed the plastic off of the area. You can see a crack in the dirt around the area of the lid of the septic tank. It’s a 6 foot diameter sinkhole, which is the diameter of the septic tank precisely.

The client saved $1,200 by having the cheaper competitor hook up his house to city sewer. But now the floors need cut in the house, so flooring contractors will be involved. General contractor as well. Then the tank redug out, tank mechanically collapsed upon itself with guys with jackhammers. Finally to be filled with pea gravel and recovered with dirt.

This will be in the thousands of dollars. I don’t have to do the math for you on this one.

When hiring a contractor, check online reviews, check with friends and neighbors, check, look at how long has the company been in business.

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Septic tank backed up due to a clogged filter

Sunday, December 14th, 2014

Here is a friendly tip if you’re backed up in an emergency.  This home has a 2 compartment septic tank and an outlet filter that screens the effluent going to the drainfield.  This filter should be cleaned annually.  There is diaper wipes in this tank, so we pumped it out the same day.

In the video I pulled the filter out and put it back in right away, didn’t want to send too much unscreened effluent to the drainfield.  I forgot to video the portion where we wash it off with a garden hose.  It’s simple, just hose it off and put it back.

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Septic system under house

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Today, I get to climb under a house. The entire septic system is under that house. The area for me to work is in the crawl space. system is failed. Sewage is backing up, in the dirt, and is about 1/2 inch thick. I have to hand-over-hand it down there and clean it up. Repair of this system is impossible. I’m not even sure how to decommission this tank correctly. We just can’t simply move the house. The drainfield is under the house as well.

So please. Heed this warning. *Do not build a house on top of your septic system. It makes for repairs/service nearly impossible and very expensive. So today, I get to lay in sewage to clean it up. And the sewage is not the bad part. It’s all the bugs that moved in. Septic flies and black widow spiders are everywhere.

Good times.


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