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Septic tank backed up due to a clogged filter

Sunday, December 14th, 2014

Here is a friendly tip if you’re backed up in an emergency.  This home has a 2 compartment septic tank and an outlet filter that screens the effluent going to the drainfield.  This filter should be cleaned annually.  There is diaper wipes in this tank, so we pumped it out the same day.

In the video I pulled the filter out and put it back in right away, didn’t want to send too much unscreened effluent to the drainfield.  I forgot to video the portion where we wash it off with a garden hose.  It’s simple, just hose it off and put it back.

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Septic Tank Baffle Inspection

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

This is a Septic Tank Baffle Inspection:  Does not include the rest of the sludge and scum measurements or anything like that.  I was working alone today, and saw that this was a great opportunity to video this part.

These are the baffles that are located within a septic tank. These happen to be made of concrete and the outlet is rotting badly. The outlet baffle is the component that separates liquids from solids. The drainfield can handle water, nothing more, and that is the function of the outlet baffle. This tank needed pumping and you can see how soft the outlet baffle is. It is going to crumble during pumping. It was replaced today with new ABS Plastic baffle, with has no reaction between Hydrogen Sulfide gas and itself. It’s inert. So the repair is a permanent repair. Sorry, I was working alone today, and could not film the repair. But here’s the video.


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Interesting business plan from competitor

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

This goes under the heading of: “I can’t make this stuff up”

This story is unbelievable.

Client purchases a home.  There is a deficiency marked on their septic system from competitor.  “Outlet Baffle is broken”

Client calls my competitor who wrote up the deficiency and asks them to repair it.

Competitor tells homeowner that they need to dig up the tank first.  (This is outrageous to me, for one, I know exactly where to dig.  It takes me all of five minutes.  Plus I have to imagine the homeowner dug up the entire tank.  Because they don’t know any better.)  I don’t even charge for digging but to have a client do it, is well, I can’t find the words to describe what it is.

After Client digs up their own tank she calls the competitor that its ready.

Competitor tells her for $50 bucks he’ll tell her where to buy the repair parts and she can fix it herself.

She called us and booked the appointment.  After finding out we would have dug out the tank for free as it would only take us about 5 minutes.  And it took her all day, as she dug out the entire tank, and not just the access lid.

I will post pictures of this project when it is done.  She is scheduled for later this week.

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World Famous Nick’s Tavern Amboy, Wa

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

My favorite tavern, in the world, Nicks was backing up yesterday. I was called at 6:30 am. I arrived about 10:00 am. I had another emergency I was working on at the time. The tanks were backed up.
I had just pumped it out three months prior. What gives? I used my inspection mirror and verified that the outlet baffle had rotted off. Oy. I had to pump the tank, put a ladder in, and enter. There’s no other way with this type of repair.
I opened up the drainfield and cleaned it out while I was there. Repairs have been made. It’s done. Thank Goodness. Drove like crazy and got all my work done. Just about 30 minutes late to picking up my boys.
Thank goodness I have an understanding ex wife. She remembers that some things cannot be planned. I don’t just get to get off work at 5:00 o’clock. I have to stay until the work is done.
Oh, and I nearly forgot. Amanda, who’s awesome BTW, bought me lunch. I was so hungry. Nothing makes one hungry like entering a septic tank. Have a great day. 🙂

Broken Outlet Baffle

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Hello Everyone:

Broken Outlet Baffle

Broken/missing outlet baffle

Here is a great shot from one of my customers.  He had a digital camera setup onto a post and was able to get this priceless shot.  You can see the hole leading out the tank.  Now solids float, you can take my word for you, you don’t need to look.

Anyhow, it’s not really rocket science here.  But solids will float right on out this tank and into the septic drainfield, or whatever component happens to be next.

Now this repair was not easy.  The septic tank was 9 feet down under ground.  With a nine foot access riser installed above the tank.  It was 14 feet to the bottom of the tank, and there was no access to the outlet baffle from the outside the tank.

There’s only one way to fix this problem.  Pump the tank out.  Enter then tank, and repair the baffle.

Now I know what you are thinking.  What a glamorous job, and how do I get started in it.  ha ha.  Let me just tell you, I ruined my clothes this day, because I simply forgot to suit up.  Slight oversight.  Oops

Repaired outlet baffle

Repaired outlet baffle

Here is the outlet baffle repair.  It is a sanitary tee, with 14 inch extension going down into the tank. This is where the tank will be pulling it’s water from.  Now see, solids float and hit the tee, and cannot move through the system.

It is equally important to remember this.  If your system has an alarm, it means your system is going to flood out.  If it floods out, you will lose the functionality of the outlet baffle and solids will float up and in the tee.

Oh, and there is a polylok extend lock on this tee as well.  Without this this repair would have taken hours to match pipes and what-not.  I don’t want to spend that much time in this tank.

I need to be fast and efficient.  I am 14 feet down in a tank, I just emptied.  It’s kinda dangerous down there, my truck is running supplying me with fresh air to breath.  I think I was down there for maybe 5 minutes.

Safety is key here, in and out.  You can ask the owner of this tank.  As he stated, I was a “bulldog” in and out, and get it done.  Now his outlet baffle is working, protecting his drainfield.

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