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Don’t fall for Septic Tank Additive Scams

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

What a Scam. Don’t fall for these magic chemical additives. These are the type of emails I receive daily to “Make extra money per job/visit”.

I will never fall for these, nor will I ever be broke enough to scam homeowners.

I received this email today.
From: ——–

Subj: Make $91.20 extra on each pump-out


Tallevast, FL 34270

Let me introduce myself. My name is ————-. I’m sales manager of SEPTI——-. We’ve got a program that can add $91.20 to each pump-out job – and at absolutely no risk to you.

Over 100,000 consumers have purchased SEPTI—— directly over the internet. (Check out www.———–.com.) Septic—— is a bacteria/enzyme product like —— but it’s more concentrated, and is less expensive. A box of ——- costs anywhere between $5 and $7.50. And ——– instruction is to use a box a month.

SEPTI—— costs your customer $182.40 for a 5 year supply, or $3.04 a month. Your cost is $91.20 – WITH FREE SHIPPING -a FULL 50% mark-up.

Our program is for those customers who call you regularly to do a pump-out. They’re the ones that are interested in maintaining their system properly, and they’re the ones who will appreciate SEPTIC——-. (They might be using ——- today, so you will be able to save them a considerable amount of money.)

All you do is carry a tub of SEPTI—— in with you when you’re finished with the job, and ask:

“Would you like a product that will help maintain your system between pumpouts? By flushing down a scoop of SEPTI—– once a month it’s an insurance policy so you can avoid any problems between pump-outs.”

You’ll be amazed at how many of your customers will want SEPTI——.

Our offer is 100% risk-free. Our terms are guaranteed sale. You can return any unsold product at any time for a full refund.

To order, click on this link –


to put you on the consumer order page. Order the number of tubs you want and click “Add to Cart.” This will take you to the next page. To get your 50% discount, go to the “Promo Code” box and put in – 112312 – and you’ve got the 50% discount.

If you’ve got any questions give me a call at 1-800-621——-.



SEPTIC———– Sales Manager

High Water Alarm

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

Last night I was with my friends at Rusty Grape Winery. I received an emergency call from a homeowner. Obviously since I had a drink, I could not respond to the emergency of my customer. The emergency was her “Septic High Water Alarm” started sounding off.
Now, what does that mean? Simply, it means the septic system is experiencing a “Higher Than Allowable” water event. A sewage pump must b

e acting up, or failed all together.
I instructed her to stop running all water. That she was on “Code Yellow.” She didn’t know what that means, and that is the cause of this post. If you’re on Septic and if you ever call your septic guy, you need to know what these terms mean.

Code Yellow – Another term for the old saying, “If it’s yellow let it mellow, If it’s brown flush it down.” Code yellow means you can run a small amount of water. No laundry, No dish washing. Really fast showers, and hand washing. We use this term when one experiences a high water alarm.

Code Brown – Or sometimes Code Red is used. When a homeowner starts backing up inside their house. Usually sewage is backing up in a bathtub or toilet that stops flushing altogether. The system needs immediate attention, and “ALL” water usage must stop. Place kitchen mixing bowls in all sinks so people can wash hands and not put Any water down any drain. Throw it outside. And Absolutely no toilet flushing. Any water being run or flushed will just keep backing up. The Septic System will stop backing up if all water is shut off.

If this doesn’t make sense or needs further clarification, please post.

Please share on your Facebook pages for those friends of your’s that have septic systems may know what to do when these events occur.

I have two emergencies today, so everyone have a great Sunday. 🙂 and Thanks for Reading

Septic Tank Additives

Monday, August 13th, 2012

Sometime last week we experienced an emergency call about a septic system only being 3 years old and needing pumped already.  They have used Rid-X septic tank additives religiously over the past three years. And they thought they didn’t have to pump the septic tank if they used their product.

Here is the cut and paste from their website.  It’s also on the package of Rid-X they were using.

“Q: If I use RID-X®, will I still have to have my septic tank pumped?

A: Yes, the average recommended time between septic tank pumpings is 2-3 years, depending on the rate of sediment build-up, family size, and other factors. Used regularly, RID-X® helps break down the solid waste in your septic tank.This may slow the accumulation of solid waste in the tank.”

And here’s the link to their page.

Rid-X has never said use their product and never pump the septic tank again?  Which is so confusing to me.  I don’t know where/how these things get started.  Even Rid-X know’s you will need to pump your septic tank every 3-5 years depending on use.

Below was the septic system that had used Rid-X every month.  And it backed up in 3 years.


Thanks for reading,



Neglected Septic Pump Screens

Monday, August 13th, 2012

Here is a video of what happens when these screens are not cleaned annually.  And there is no “septic technician” in a bottle.  There’s no magical chemical that you flush that can clean this screen.  It needs to be completely disassembled and cleaned.  There’s no other way around it.

The consequences of not performing this maintenance, will be a pump that is starved and eventually burns up.  And these are not cheap pumps at all.  They start out at about $400 to replace and on up.  And I really mean that.  On up.

Enjoy the video and thanks for reading,






Septic Tank Additives

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

This is  a great video.

Now I did start recording a bit late.  But here’s how the story goes.  This is a home with two people living inside.  This tank is only 3 years old.  They use a commonly known septic tank additive every month.  They have been using it religiously.

So they started backing up in the home.  They were confused and called us to find out what was wrong.  The septic tank was completely full of solids and toilet paper.  I asked her what she thought the “additives” did.  She said that it breaks down the sewage in the tank leaving a tank full of clean water.  Just like the commercials.

I then showed her the septic tank. She was completely shocked and in awe that there was anything even in there.  This tank was full, and bad.  I asked her what she thought it was doing after she saw the contents.  She said it best.  “Nothing at all.”

She is correct.  We showed her the back of the bottle.  Everyone reads the front, but no one reads the back.  It clearly states that this does not replace regular septic pumping maintenance, and septic tanks need to be pumped every 3-5 years.

She then said, “What’s the point of using this stuff then?”  I said, “Exactly.”  Save your money.  Just clean your tanks.  Remember, septic systems have been around for more than a 100 years.  Those companies have only been around for 30 years.  They were working just fine before them, and in my experience, they don’t do anything besides eating a whole in your purses/wallets.

The second video below this one is what it looks like when the septic tank is all cleaned out.  The sewage crushing machine has liquified the entire septic tank, and is now vacumming out the contents.  This is how it’s done, in case you were wondering.  🙂





Thanks for reading,



Saturday, July 28th, 2012


Here is a video of a clogged inlet baffle.  There are two reasons why this house backed up into the house.  The inlet pipe, abs plastic, was installed too far into the tank, and too close the concrete baffle.  And the second is excessive toilet paper use.

Really exciting stuff.


Thanks for reading,




Veteran’s Day Offer

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

No one took us up on our Veteran’s day offer. So one of my customer’s for many years, Mr. Bradley needed a septic inspection. A little history on Mr. Bradley. He is a World War II Veteran. Senior citizen. He is 83 years old and full of life.

His Uncle used to work in the Septic field many many years ago.
Every time I service his place, I put aside another hour just to talk. Hear old time war stories, and his adventures.

Yesterday, I spent about 2 hours at his place. The inspection only took about 20 minutes, but I am always impressed that guys like him actually existed in real life. A True Time War Hero.
So it was time for me to get to my next job. I told him that I was looking for one Senior Veteran to give my services too, and no one ever claimed it. And since he was my customer for years, I was performing the entire service for free. I would pay taxes, filing fees, and county fees.

Now this is where things didn’t go as planned. He absolutely refused. He was very persistant. I tried to drive off, but he would not allow me to leave. He thanked me for what I was trying to do, but he knew that the truck is expensive to run. 3.5 mpg usually means about 30-60 in fuel per job. He said that’s how I put food on my table, and keep a roof over my head. So I asked him if he’d be happy if he’d meet me in the middle. And this made him happy. I thanked him for his service, and my freedom. We both parted ways, and I will see him again next year.

And this incident really got me to thinking. How things are different in two generations. I mean think about it. I have offered my services for free before. I don’t do it often because I would go bankrupt fast.

And in the other few cases. The homeowners were more than happy to accept my free work, and having my company cover all costs involved. I have no regrets either. But in his eyes, that was unacceptable. I think I may be a bit like Mr. Bradley.

I have had people offer to do things for free for me. Like when my pump went out on my vacuum truck, a close friend replaced a coupler for me. And when it came time for the bill he just told me, no don’t worry about it. I simply told him that he is a super nice guy, but his shop won’t survive giving away his work. Niceness doesn’t pay the light bill and the lease on the shop. And I paid him anyways, and I am sure I paid him more than what the bill would have been. But it’s the way I am .

It just goes to show why I really love my job, I have the greatest clients. And I look forward to talking to each and every one of them.

I’m going to disappear on my motorcycle today. I will be back on tuesday evening. Have a great weekend and enjoy the weather.

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Septic Vacuum truck is back online

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

I forgot to post the repair is complete.  It was just an o-ring.  Thank god.

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World Famous Nick’s Tavern Amboy, Wa

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

My favorite tavern, in the world, Nicks was backing up yesterday. I was called at 6:30 am. I arrived about 10:00 am. I had another emergency I was working on at the time. The tanks were backed up.
I had just pumped it out three months prior. What gives? I used my inspection mirror and verified that the outlet baffle had rotted off. Oy. I had to pump the tank, put a ladder in, and enter. There’s no other way with this type of repair.
I opened up the drainfield and cleaned it out while I was there. Repairs have been made. It’s done. Thank Goodness. Drove like crazy and got all my work done. Just about 30 minutes late to picking up my boys.
Thank goodness I have an understanding ex wife. She remembers that some things cannot be planned. I don’t just get to get off work at 5:00 o’clock. I have to stay until the work is done.
Oh, and I nearly forgot. Amanda, who’s awesome BTW, bought me lunch. I was so hungry. Nothing makes one hungry like entering a septic tank. Have a great day. 🙂

Plumber’s attempt at Septic Repair

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

Be cautious about plumbers attempting septic repairs.  Always check qualifications.  Your local health department will have a list of those trained to diagnose and repair septic systems.  This plumber in this testimonial was not certified.  And wrote up an estimate of nearly $5,000.00 for repairs.

Proof of this can be found on my facebook page.  The homeowner lives in Colorado, and the distance is daunting to when it comes up to these types of problems.

To read the entire testimonial by the homeowner click here. 

Wow, Yesterday. I don’t even know where to begin. Wow. You’ll see.

I got a distress call from a homeowner in Colorado. A Tenant had called up a plumber. This plumber came into the house and verified that the septic system was backing up in the house. From this walk through, five minutes, was able to tell the septic tanks need pumped, wastewater was under the house, and was going to charge $800 to inspect the septic system. Their total estimate for repairs, for which they aren’t certified to diagnose or repair, was $4,300.00 $2,500.00 of which was for septic cleanup under the house.

Homeowner was very stressed. She is in Colorado and is so limited by distance. I told her I would be there in the morning to find out what’s wrong.

Truth-be-told, I was expecting a long day of swimming in sewage. I showed up in really old, throw-away clothes. I was sure I was going to have a bad day.

When I arrived I had to run some tests on an effluent pump. I determined that this was the cause of the backup.

I replaced the pump and the system is running normally. There is no wastewater in the crawlspace.

Their total bill was about $582.00. A Far cry from the $4,300.00 estimate. Always call for a second opinion. Even if it’s me. There are crooked companies attempting to work on septic systems that aren’t certified, and costing homeowner’s thousands of dollars.

There is more stories to this house, but that’s another incident, and another post.